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“Dr. Heller does the work very fast and is always available during recovery. He is sharp and precise in his work. After receiving an operation on my wrist sprain, my hand feels almost lighter and I can return to doing my regular work as an automobile engineer. Thank you for your help doctor.”

J. B.

“The front desk were awesome and are on point with the way the answered my questions. They are patient, professional, caring, and compassionate. I’ve been to other orthopaedists and surgeons offices, they simply could not compare to my experience here.”

F. S.

“I would give this office a 10 out of 10. Dr. Heller and his team are the dream team. They were professionals who knew their work and were very trusting. I feel glad to know that my hand is in their hands. Thank you for the awesome experience!”


“Fantastic office managed by a world class team. They were careful and accurate with the hand treatments, making sure every delicate bone is in order. I have to recommend them because there is nothing but good things to say about them!”

D. E.

“On May 7, 2014, our 5 year old daughter had her finger chopped off by a neighbor kid, who slammed a door on it. We were in shock , we were so afraid that her hand would never be normal again. I cried to God to please help my daughter. To us , Dr. Heller is a miracle worker. He and his staff are the best people I have ever met in the medical field. We would talk to other patients of Heller and we all had one thing in common, we were all grateful for the amazing work he and his staff are able to do so we can live normal lives again. I only wish there were more people like him, the world would be a much better place. My little girl did make a full recovery and we are all doing fine, we will never forget the name Dr. Justin Heller. Thank you.”

Jonathan T. (from Yelp)

“I would definitely do it again. I look like me, only younger. If you compared the ‘me’ of today with a photo from a decade ago, we’d look the same. Dr. Heller is really a blessing. I didn’t need to take any pain pills once I got home. My healing went well and as predicted, even though I have very sensitive skin. He was very patient with all my questions. I would recommend Heller Plastic Surgery to absolutely everyone, he has your best interest at heart.”

D. M.