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Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hands and Wrists

More patients than ever are spending time at the keyboard. This means that care for hands and wrists are highly important. Even outside, there are hobbies that require active and mobile hands. Maintaining healthy hands and wrists can keep you active, free of pain, and help you avoid having surgical procedures.

While you’re doing work with hands, take a break once in a while. This includes letting your hands rest, removing them from the keyboard, or shaking them around for a few seconds.

There are targeted hand exercises that can help you strengthen and stretch your muscles. This also keeps the ligaments and tendons in your hands and wrists flexible. See a doctor for a list of activities that can help your joints remain mobile.

If you perform activities that require intensive hand and wrist use, you may consider wearing a supportive brace. These are a conservative option for treating carpal tunnel syndrome. It prevents excessive strain on the joints and tendons, reducing the risk of injury, strains, or sprains.