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Arthritis Los Angeles

Arthritis, or tendinitis, has numerous causes. These can include aging, wear and tear, trauma, or inflammatory disease. It primarily affects the bones and joints, but it can also spread to additional parts of the body such as muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Dr. Heller provides quality arthritis treatments in Los Angeles. 

The primary symptom of arthritis is inflammation, causing the joints to feel painful, swollen, or rigid. This discomfort is experienced continuously, even during rest. You joints will feel feeble, weakened, and unstable. It can be difficult to move or perform regular activities while suffering with this condition.

At Dr. Heller’s offices in Lancaster, Long Beach, and Valencia, arthritis is diagnosed through a physical examination. X-rays reveal the condition of the bones and joints to help identify areas with arthritis. A bone scan is also available to detect abnormal bone growths, including bone spurs, cysts, and arthritis.

Most cases of arthritis can be treated through non-surgical means. Temporary rest and pain relief can be supplemented with prescription or over-the-counter medication. If these non-surgical treatments do not provide the intended relief, Dr. Heller can provide corrective surgical procedures.

During surgery, the damaged or diseased joint can be removed through synovectomy. In addition, the bones within a joint are re-aligned and fused to prevent joint pain. For advanced cases, a damaged joint can be replaced with a prosthetic one. These artificial restorations are produced from plastic, metal, or ceramics. The extent of the recovery process depends on the individual. Dr. Heller will inform you of what to expect during this process.