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Wrist Sprains Los Angeles

Wrist sprains are among the most common injuries and can be the result of sports activities or physical accidents. A sprain primarily occurs when the hand is held out to cushion a fall and the wrist bends back too far upon impact. Swelling may occur and the pain can be intense, especially during movement.

Dr. Justin Heller is a plastic and orthopaedic surgeon specializing in the hand and wrist. Based around the Long Beach, Valencia, and Lancaster areas, he can examine your wrist and evaluate its stability and movement. An x-ray is conducted to look for any fractured, displaced, or damaged bones. A splint will be placed on the wrist to prevent movement.

One surgical option for treating wrist sprain is arthroscopic surgery. This involves several cuts made around the wrist. A tiny camera will be inserted through one of the incisions to allow Dr. Heller to individually inspect and treat the damaged bones and ligaments.

Alternatively, open surgery can be performed to repair the injured ligament. The bones will need to be held in position by screws, pins, or plates. Following that procedure, a splint or cast is placed around the wrist to prevent further injury.

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